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The WASC has a long history and well established role as an educational resource for Wisconsin’s student leaders.  Educating, empowering and engaging students has been a priority for the WASC spanning the last 9 decades. In fact, the WASC is the only organization in the nation where students have equal representation to adults on its governing body.

All of our programs are designed to adhere to the following Leadership Standards:

  • Self Awareness: student is aware of their strengths and weaknesses and utilizes this knowledge to reach their potential
  • Character: student takes responsibility for personal actions and acts ethically (i.e. demonstrates honesty, fairness, integrity)
  • Goal Setting: student understands and participates in the process of setting, achieving, and evaluating goals
  • Organization: student works with groups to plan & implement organized projects
  • Communication: student effectively uses various mediums to communicate.
  • Diversity: student is knowledgeable and respectful of diverse groups and protected classes.
  • Decision-Making: student understands the process for decision-making.
  • Group Process: student understands how individual differences affect group processes.
  • Citizenship: student understands ways to positively contribute to national and global communities.
  • Conflict Resolution: student understands and utilizes strategies for resolving conflicts.

The WASC advocates for all students who want to use their voice and actions to make their schools safer and more inclusive. Connected and engaged students are a necessary piece to safe schools. It is our responsibility to work with our peers, teachers, administrators and community to create a positive and safe environment where we can learn, grow and thrive together. There is no single answer, action or policy – it requires all of us coming together, listening, caring and taking a variety of steps to create change. Here are a couple ideas to get you started. This is the time to: Listen. Learn. Lead.


Click on the following RESOURCES to help guide you and your schools on the journey of student voice and advocacy!

Students' Rights: Speech, Walk-outs, and Protests:  studentrights2018 (1).pdf

 What School Officials Can Do To Create Positive and Safe Environments: What Students and School Leaders Can Do.pdf

What Student Can Do to Create Positive and Safe Environments:  WhatStudentsCanDo-PDF (1) 2.pdf

Wisconsin School News – A publication from the WI Association of School Boards – Click here to read the Student Voice Article WSBO 2018.pdf


Click on the following RESOURCES to help guide you and your schools on the journey of student voice and advocacy!

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